Boot & Shoemaking tools & findings for sale.

Welt knife $ 60.00& safety welt knife below. $80.00 plus shipping cost.

3 inch high heel women lasts. $ 50.00 a pair plus shipping. sizes, 6B and 7B

Men’s lasts $40.00 a pair, plus shipping. Sizes, 6.5 EE, 7EE, 8.5EE, 9.5EE, 10EE

5 pairs of women scoop lasts, Made in Germany by the same co. $50.00 a pair. plus shipping.

Welt trimmers, $80.00 each plus shipping.

Fudge wheel tool with 3 changeable sizes, hand crank, A foot strap moves the disc up against the wheel. $ 350.00 plus shipping.

Sole edge trimmer, $100.00 Beaker is $80.00 plus shipping

Gimping wheel, $80.00 Fudge wheel, 10 spi, $80.00 plus shipping

Sewing awls, 10 for $100.00

sewing awls, 10 for $100.00

Pegs, $50.00 a box plus shipping. These pegs are perfectly cut, every single one of them.


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