Orthopedic & corrective footwear

Through the years, some Canadians with feet problems came to my shop and asked me to make them shoes, The issues were different, polio deformity, joint bunions, hammer toes, The very wide and the very narrow feet, Shortened limbs that needed to be balanced through height of the shoes, Deep shoes and boots to accommodate orthopedic inserts, Shoes and boots for little people, but when a lively 85 years old lady who had the front of her foot missing from the toes to the top of the metatarsals, asked if i can make her shoes, I had to pause a little, It was something i never done before, Her former shoemaker had retired and kept her cast/ lasts, I referred her to Ambulatory footwear to get a pair of casts/lasts made and when she did so, I made the shoes, One shoe and one boot and she was happy with the fit.

Here is another pair that stretched my know-how to it’s limit, Two things i knew had to be done first to make a pair of well fitting shoes for this kind of feet, A pair of lasts to accommodate the girth and a suitable pattern to fasten around the feet, The final result was successful and a happy customer.