Shoe making & pattern cutting courses, 2021

Two pairs of shoes from pattern making to finishing will be made during the course, The students will use their own feet measures to make their shoes using lasts from my collection, Having a pair of your own lasts is always a good idea, But the aim of the course is to install the love of shoe making and a practical guide of how they are made, Imitation is encouraged at this time, The course is hands on, I will show and demonstrate and expect the students to watch, retain and follow, I will correct when needed, Keep in mind that making mistakes is part of the learning curve.

The courses are 3 weeks long, 5 days a week, 10 am to 4 pm plus 2 hours of shop practice everyday after class. (sewing, skiving or simply reading a book on shoe making available at the shop.

Tools, leather and materials are provided for the duration of the course.

Cost is $3000.00 Canadian, %50 advance payment required to book a seat.

For more information, Please call or email me at:

416 778 7012

196 kenilworth ave, N. Hamilton, ON. L8h 4S2 Canada.

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