T-Bar Shoes

A pair of made to order T-Bar shoes in two tones calf leather, hand welted, 2 and 1/4 inch stacked leather heels. pattern drafted by Jasmine Martins.031A2976 (3)031A2981 (2)

Wingtip Derby

A made to order wingtip in calf leather upper, hand welted and the lasts have buildups to accommodate for two different size bunions. 031A1758 (2)031A1755 (2)

Balmoral ankle boots

Calf upper leather and veg tan kip lining, Hand welted all around._31A5757 (2)

Season greetings & Happy new year

These double buckles monk shoes are in French calf and kip lining._31A5374 (2)

Ankle boots in Shell Cordovan

The horse, The most beautiful animal also produces the most beautiful leather, This pair are in two tones Shell Cordovan,_31A5126 (2)_31A5129 (2)_31A5155 (2) That is the ( cross-pieces of horse-butt), Hand welted and sewn heel seat, pegged heel stacks.

2017 Shoemaking courses.

Recent work from the shoe shop.

These two pairs are made to order, hand welted, whip stitched heel seat and pegged heel stacks.