Seamless whole cut shoe

The seamless whole cut shoe, The favourite of shoe collectors and stylists is a very old way of making shoes, The period before the arrival of lasts and designs, The practice of making shoes after the slaughter of animals was carried out until 300 years ago in the middle east when the foot itself was used to measure and fit the skin in that mellow/soft condition.

To make the seamless whole cut shoe or a whole cut, the leather needs to be of certain thickness and of good nature, by that i mean, Leather that has not lost its natural attributes during tanning, Most chrome tanned leather are useless for making whole cut shoes unless it is well tanned with good enough of the natural left in the leather.

Here is a fitter i made for a pair on order that will be in brown French tanned calf leather, I will post a photo of the finished pair when done.

Ankle boots with raised apron

These boots are made in plump bubble grain calf leather from A&A Crack, Light welted with one row of stitching attaching the upper to insole by means of channel and a strip of leather, same as the upper material stitched flesh side up and then turned, These pair are stitched all around, it is because of this method of attachment, shoes and boots made this way feel different in walking then welted ones, The two rows stitching or cement construction. Please feel free to inquire about this product. Safe & happy holidays.031A3360 (2)031A3362 (2)