Loafer in denim

A made to order shoes in denim and leather-lined.031A4488 (2)Eric Larson loafers

Ankle boots with raised lake

Made with plump bison leather and hand inseamed all around to avoid the use of the metal tacks to secure the heel seats, The top line of the wings are pipped with dark green leather.031A4009 (2)031A4016 (2)

Chelsea boot

This side elastic ankle boot is made with shell Cordovan and hand welted.031A3860 (2)031A3884 (2)

Two tone ankle boot

This ankle boot is made with dark green calf leather for the wings and black leather for the 031A3752 (2)vamp & counter. It has a 5mm corrective wedge under the big toe to help compensate for fallen metatarsal arches and to correct weight distribution under foot.

Ankle boots with raised apron

These boots are made in plump bubble grain calf leather from A&A Crack, Light welted with one row of stitching attaching the upper to insole by means of channel and a strip of leather, same as the upper material stitched flesh side up and then turned, These pair are stitched all around, it is because of this method of attachment, shoes and boots made this way feel different in walking then welted ones, The two rows stitching or cement construction. Please feel free to inquire about this product. Safe & happy holidays.031A3360 (2)031A3362 (2)

Derby Shoes

031A3042 (2)031A3047 (2)A pair of Derby shoes in calf leather upper and hand welted.

T-Bar Shoes

A pair of made to order T-Bar shoes in two tones calf leather, hand welted, 2 and 1/4 inch stacked leather heels. pattern drafted by Jasmine Martins.031A2976 (3)031A2981 (2)